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Sulla, Dictator of Rome

sulla obv.jpg

This coin was minted by Faustus Cornelius Sulla in 56 BC. He was the son of Roman Dictator Lucius Cornelius Sulla. He married Pompey's daughter and was the first centurion over the wall in the seige of Jerusalem in 63 BC. The obverse of this coin shows Diana and a crescent with pellet. The coin was minted in recognition of the achievements of Dictator Lucius Sulla during the Jugurthine War(112 BC). Although the coin was minted in 56 BC, it likely commemorates the solar eclipse of 115 BC which was seen prior to two of the dictator Sulla's early victories, the Jugurthine War and the Cimbrian War. The reverse of the coin below displays the Dictator Sulla(seated) with Jugurtha kneeling with hands bound. Bocchus a new Roman ally is handing The Dictator Sulla a palm branch. Jugurtha was thrown into a pit in Rome to die. Photos Harlan J Berk.

sulla reverse.jpg

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