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Eclipse of 6 BC, Antioch Mint 11-12 AD

ram .jpg

The premise of the "Star of Bethlehem" coins is that the Romans are using celestial events from a period of 12 years before their annexation of Judea in 6 AD. These "signs in the heavens" are to show the people the Romans have justification from the gods to take over Judea. The Star of Bethlehem was not obvious to everybody or Herod would have been able to find Jesus like the Magi. There are four celestial objects in the Antioch ram coin series. The above demonstrates a ball with seven light rays around it. A partial eclipse, a star, and a star with a ray of light extending to the ground are the other events. This symbol may represent a annular or hybrid solar eclipse from 6 BC. Photo Athena Numismatics

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