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Emperor Claudius and Agrippina the Younger, Married 49 AD


Emperor Claudius married his fourth wife Agrippina the Younger in 49 AD. Agrippina the Younger was the daughter of Germanicus who was killed in 19 AD in Syria. Germanicus died the year of the 19 AD solar eclipse which was seen in Syria and across the Roman Empire. Agrippina the Younger was also the mother of the Emperor Nero. Notice her portrait on the reverse of this coin. There is a star within the crescent above her. This coin was minted outside of Damascus, Syria likely around the time of the 49 AD solar eclipse. Claudius is on the obverse of the coin wearing a radiate crown like the sun god. As the Emperor Tiberius likely poisoned her father Germanicus in 19 AD, Agrippina was implicated in the poisoning of her husband Claudius in 54 AD so her son Nero could have the throne. The Emperor Nero murdered his mother Agrippina in 59 AD. Photo Dionysos Coins

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