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Emperor Hadrian, one of the Antichrists

A bust of Hadrian is displayed on the obverse and a solar eclipse from the 120's AD is present on the reverse. The reverse is remarkable because a globe is below the star and crescent. The Romans understood the world was round from the Greeks. They may be trying to represent the Roman world under the solar eclipse on the reverse. This coin was minted in Rome in the 120's AD as well. Those of us who were raised in a Western democracy may not understand the symbolism being communicated above. Solar eclipses to the general uneducated and unaware population represented terror. The Roman government under Hadrian is showing the population the solar eclipse is associated with his divine rule. This symbol in nature of terror is legitimized thru Hadrian. The general Roman population was very afraid of their rulers. Sabina, Hadrian's wife, aborted their baby because she thought Hadrian was a danger to humanity. Hadrian was a "god unto himself" and instigated the Bar Kochba Revolt because he accused the Jews of mutilating the male figure thru circumcision. Hadrian had male lovers and worshipped the male figure. We can imagine the government propaganda in Rome when the Bar Kochba Revolt began. They probably urged Romans to stop the savage Jews "who take knives to their male children's genitals."

Hadrian was a true "Antichrist." His symbol was the solar eclipse. Of all the Roman emperors prior to the destruction of Israel, only Hadrian and Nero had the most solar eclipse symbols on their coinage associated with their governments. Nero and Hadrian were directly responsible for the destruction of Israel. They shared an extreme love of the arts by which they glorified themselves above others. Both responded with savagery and profound inhumanity to kill the Judeo-Christian Religion. Hadrian was a poet. As he died he wrote his spirit was descending into a "colorless" place. His tomb in Rome is now the refuge for the Pope in times of disaster. If only he could see now how the religion he once tried to destroy now rules his empire.

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