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Hadrian reissue of Antioch coin with eclipse symbol, 128/129 AD

We see the same coin type from the time of Nero. This time instead of the First Jewish revolt, this coin is issued before the Bar Kochba Revolt in Israel by Hadrian. It is also minted in Antioch when Hadrian was Emperor in 128-129 AD. The Bar Kokhba revolt lasted from 132-136 AD. The Kitos War with the Jews had ended in 117 AD and this coin may have been and attempt by Hadrian to solicit the aid of the Roman god Fortuna for blessings on Judea. The ram or Judea may be looking back at the series of eclipses during the reign of Hadrian or they may be a sign of looking back at the dark times of the First Jewish Revolt or the Kitos war. Photo from Beast Coins.

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