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Our Lady of Guadalupe and the New Roman Legionary Standard

This project was dedicated to the Glory of Jesus Christ and how He changed the Roman Empire. The above picture demonstrates The Virgin Mary standing on a solar crescent. This is the most well known eclipse symbol in the world. Mary is represented as an intercessor between the believer and the full glory of God. Jesus Christ claimed to be one with the Father. The Virgin Mary visited an Aztec peasant Juan Diego at time when the Aztecs were about to rebel against the Spanish. The previous posts show two separate eclipses that the Aztecs were most certainly aware of in 1524 and 1531. Montezuma had died in 1520 and the Aztec empire had been defeated by the Spanish. The Aztecs worshipped the sun god as their primary deity and the events of the past 10 years had been devastating to the Aztec religion. Juan Diego was given the picture of the Virgin Mary in December of 1531. With the terror of the solar eclipse events of 1524 and 1531 in their minds, Mary was perceived as more powerful than the Aztec sun god. The sun crescent is dark to show the Glory of the Christian God over the radiance of the sun. The Virgin is wearing a coat of the stars to show she is protected by the heavens in this world. Mary is even stepping off the sun onto a pillow held in place by an angel. She becomes the new Roman Legionary Standard for conversion in the New World. The new emperor is Jesus Christ. The Aztecs converted to Christianity and thousands of lives were saved from armed conflict. It should be noted Mary was not worshipped as a god. Her humble expression was in direct contrast to how Aztec gods were portrayed. The Catholic Church believes this picture represents a lunar crescent. Remember the shadow of the Earth is always larger than the moon. The Roman Legionary standard had been replaced with the banner of Our Lady of Guadalupe to spread the Word of Jesus Christ. There is much debate about the origin of the Tilma of our Lady of Guadalupe. This further supports the validity of the message as being from a Jewish Galilean woman who witnessned Roman occupation, terror, and conquest. She communicated to the Aztecs in the terms they would understand from her perspective. If the Aztecs would have revolted against the Spanish in 1531 AD, the world would have been very different today. A genocidal event may have taken place and the Spanish may have killed most of the Aztecs and other Mesoamerican cultures. Mexico may have resembled ancient Israel after the Jewish revolts with the Roman Empire. The solar eclipse, once a symbol of war and destruction, was now a symbol for the veneration of the love and compassion of God.

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