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Marc Antony, Legionary Mint 32 BC

This coin of Marc Antony shows the Roman Legionary standard near the time of Jesus Christ. The standard is composed of multiple heavenly bodies resting on a solar crescent. It looks like a sequential representation of a solar eclipse. The Greek "theta symbol" of a dot in a circle has represented death. The Egyptian "sun symbol" of a dot within a circle may have been combined in the legionary standard. When an average Roman would see an army standard, it may have been interpreted as "DEATH", "DEATH", "DEATH of the Sun." These slogans are common in today's military jargon such as "Death from Above" for air units. The Romans likely interpreted solar eclipses as omens of war. Any offence against a sun deity was a grave insult to any culture's pantheon of pagan gods. My prior posts show that the solar eclipse symbol appears to be incorporated into the legionary standards at the time when Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon River starting the Roman Empire. This was 9 months after the solar eclipse of 50 BC. Photo Sergey Nechayev

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