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Summary of The RomanEclipse Website, 10 points

This website has been online since 2014. Comparisons with coin databases, the NASA solar eclipse canons, and Roman history were made to arrive at the below conclusions. Prayer and the Grace of God unites it all together.

Please explore the previous posts to see the hard data that justifies the below statements.

1. The star/pellet within the crescent symbols on Roman coins are likely representative of solar eclipses and correlate with the NASA predictions of when solar eclipses occurred over the Roman Civilization.

2. The Antioch ram coin series was minted temporally in conjunction with solar eclipse events.

3. The mintage cycles of the Antioch Ram coin series appear to correlate to times of rebellion against Rome in ancient Israel.

4. The solar eclipse as represented on Roman coins coincides with periods of active warfare against ancient Israel, Nabatea, the Parthian Empire, Carthage, and Germanic barbarians.

5. The solar eclipse events were also associated with Roman dictatorship, war and death.

6. Solar eclipse symbols were incorporated into Roman Legionary Standards to show the terror of Roman warfare.

7. Romulus founded Rome at a solar eclipse. Additionally solar eclipse events to the Romans likely contributed to the decisions to found additional cities in the name of the Roman Emperors. Tiberias 20-21 AD, Caesarea Maritima 9-10 BC, Bethsaida (Julias) 29-30 AD were all founded or "refounded" after major solar eclipses.

8. Solar eclipse symbols on some coins were predictive of the active solar eclipse event. This likely demonstrates the Romans could predict solar eclipse activity.

9. Solar eclipse events were used as propaganda to justify Roman conquest.

10. The symbol of "Our Lady of Guadalupe" is a Roman era cultural icon. It was brought to the rebellious Aztecs thru a Divine means to prevent a genocidal event. If the Aztecs would have rebelled against the Spanish in 1531, the results may have been similar to the outcome of the Jewish revolts in ancient Israel at the hands of the Roman Empire. Also note the message in the icon to European governments. Our Lady indicates that an inverted Roman legion standard means to abandon the Roman endpoint of warfare. Roman wars were fought to enslave cultures to support the extravagance of the Roman Emperor and State. Our Lady points to the compassion, hope and love of her Son Jesus Christ on the Roman cross.

The above photo is the tomb of Emperor Hadrian in Rome. It is now a castle and refuge for the JudeoChristian Pope in times of disaster. Hadrian destroyed ancient Israel. A statue of the guardian of Israel, the Archangel Michael now adorns the top of the castle.

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