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Changing one's perspective always helps us understand the greater picture. If an ancient Roman were to see the above picture, he or she would understand better the transient nature of the fear and terror associated with solar eclipses. The previous posts are better understood by trying to place yourself in the position of one who lived thousands of years ago. The symbols in the sky influenced ancient society a lot like economic theory and predictions influence modern society today. Thousands of years from now our children may view our economic theory much like we view the astrologic theories of the Romans, Greeks and Near Eastern cultures. Fear is an essential element to keep society together. Without fear and sacrifice, human "self will" reigns supreme at the center of our existence. We clearly know from human history that those of us without fear and power constraints devolve into the worst of the tyrants and antichrists.

It is important to remember Jesus Christ was likely born in September between two solar eclipses visible in Judea in 6 BC. At the same time the health of King Herod began to decline with his subsequent death in 4 BC. Again two solar events were relevant to the public ministry of Jesus Christ. His public ministry likely began around the time of the 29 AD solar eclipse visible in Judea and finished with the "Crucifixion darkness event" on April 3, 33 AD. While worldly logic and reason predicted absolute "gloom and doom with the solar eclipse," God had profoundly different plans for those who believed in Him. Jesus promised eternal life with Him and the Father. His followers believed this and sacrificed their lives because they knew what Jesus said was true. In otherwords they lived "in Jesus" and not in "themselves." It is profoundly important as we enter this final chapter in the history of human "self will" that we realize God has only good planned for those that love Him. We must reject apocalypse theory's fearful effects on our relationship with God. We become preoccupied with "self survival" instead of "self denial." When Jesus walked the Earth, Judea was a calderon of different theories regarding the future. The Essenes went into the desert to prepare for the final battle between good and evil. Common fisherman disgruntled at the Romanization and taxation of the Galilee, left what they had to follow the Messiah. The family members of the ruling Roman and Jewish elite risked everything to do the Will of God. We must find what the Lord wants in our lives.

We are all on the same stage as our ancestors. Society is on the brink of disaster today as it was 2000 years ago. We should strive to do the Will of Jesus Christ and not give into the eclipse of despair and discouragement that prevails today. Remember Christ's first words to the disciples while they thought their boat was sinking on the Sea of Galilee in a storm, "Take courage! It is I. Don't be afraid." These are words we should remember well.

The following posts contain photos of actual coins from pivotal times in human history. The people who made and held them are not here today. This website is updated frequently with new coins that are put into the appropriate timeline. Symbols of terror and domination today would be an atomic mushroom cloud explosion or an AK-47. To imagine that these symbols would be anything but evil would be hard to believe. The modern equivalent to the cross would be the electric chair. The modern scientific equivalent to an ancient solar eclipse would be an asteroid striking the Earth. Thankfully we are still here today. Hopefully by God's grace we will be here tomorrow.

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