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The Ram, a symbol of Israel, Damascus mint after the death of Alexander the Great

Shortly after Alexander the Great died in Babylon in 323 BC, his empire became divided among his generals. He had visited and spared Jerusalem during his initial invasion of the Levant and had established good relations with the Temple priests. Israel was a war prize between the Ptolemaic Kingdom in Egypt and the Sellucid Kingdom in Damascus and Antioch for hundreds of years.

On the above coin we see a ram being presented to Zeus seated on a throne. The ram is Israel. The eagle represents a human king whom Zeus became jealous of and was changed into a bird. After Alexander the Great visited the oracle of Siwa in Egypt, he began to believe he was the "Son of Zeus" and claimed virgin birth. This line of thought was echoed in Roman times with the admiration of Alexander the Great starting with Julius Caesar. Solar eclipses in ancient times were recognized as sacred events by pagan religions when man could "interact" with powers higher than himself. We know the invasion of the Levant by Alexander the Great started with a solar eclipse in 335 BC after the death of his father Philip.

Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon River shortly after a solar eclipse in 50 BC. This essentially began the process of the Roman Republic becoming an empire and the worship of humans as the "son of god."

We see the solar crescent of a solar eclipse represented on the above coin with Julius Caesar. It is placed between the "PM" Pontifex Maximus, or the highest religious office in Rome. Julius Caesar is claiming an interaction with the "gods" during the solar eclipse event of 50 BC. Only Zeus had power over the moon and the sun with a solar eclipse. This astronomical event played out in his favor as when this coin was minted in 44 BC. Julius Caesar declared himself "dictator for life" after defeating Pompey and the armies of the Roman Republic. He was then assassinated on the floor of the Roman Senate in fear that he was returning the Roman Republic to a monarchy. Caesar Augustus then continued the deification process of the position of Roman Emperor as the "son of god."

We then see Jesus Christ was most likely born around 6 BC, between two solar eclipse events as previously described and on the same month birth date as Caesar Augustus, September 23, 6 BC. Judeo-Christianity is not reinventing paganism. God was here before creation and creation can only reflect God. We also see Jesus Christ most likely was baptized at the time of a solar eclipse in 29 AD as scripture reports the heavens opened and the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus. God the Father affirmed Jesus as the true Son of God. The ministry of Jesus Christ then began with clear miracles that cannot be understood today. Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar both clearly died against their own will. Jesus Christ willfully became the sacrificial lamb of Israel and payed for our willful rebellion against the love and glory of God. I always find it interesting Jesus was always telling people to be quiet about his miracles and that his divine nature was essentially hidden from his disciples until his resurrection. Maybe it is because when God came to Cain and Abel to sacrifice against their own willpower, it resulted in murder because of jealousy and hatred. I find it amazing when Jesus reinstated Peter after he rejected our Lord, his admonitions were to love and care for his fellow man. Peter could not be filled with jealously or hatred for his fellow disciples after saying this. By saying this to Peter, Jesus saw the fruit of his all atoning sacrifice on the cross on April 3, 33 AD. Peter lost his will for jealously and hatred and accepted God's will for love and compassion.

Solar eclipses were the greatest symbols of fear, terror, and domination to our ancient ancestors. Their power was not astrological but in the power to influence our own spiritual well being. Solar eclipses would evoke these emotions and cancel the self sustaining willpower of the most powerful people. Would the solar eclipse end or would the world be destroyed? The fact that Jesus Christ was possibly baptized during a solar eclipse has deep spiritual symbolism. His baptism was our baptism. He took our will and sin to crucify it and save us from eternal separation from His Love. He became the sacrificial Ram. Thank you Heavenly Father through your Son Jesus Christ.

As the United States prepares for a major solar eclipse in 2017, we should remember that all Judeo-Christian heresy focuses on two theological constructs.



We pray our leadership always recognizes these errors as they have led to so much misery and suffering with prior civilizations. Solar and lunar eclipses are the numerals on the clock of our world. Sometimes its 723 AM and sometimes it's high noon. If solar eclipses were meant to be communal times in the past with forces greater than the human will maybe it is safe to open our hearts to Jesus Christ. His will always has our best interest in mind. God Bless!!


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