Why was Jesus Christ baptized during a solar eclipse?

This website attempts to explore the cultural and religious symbolism of solar eclipse events in the Roman Civilization and how they were used by Jesus Christ to change the Roman Empire.

It's November 24, 0029 AD along the Jordan River in ancient Israel and Jesus Christ is with John the Baptist. According to Matthew 3:13-17, John who is the first cousin of Jesus, tries to deter Jesus from Baptism. This begs the question why? John was baptizing people with water for repentance, Matthew 3:11. Jesus Christ is both man and God and without sin, so why does Jesus need Baptism? Simply speaking he doesn't. He is being baptized for us. Jesus replied to John,

"Let it be so now; it is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness"

Matthew says as Jesus rose out of the water from immersion at that moment the heaven was opened. This is likely at the time of the solar eclipse of 29 AD. Jesus and His baptism was different than our baptism. Jesus being the "Lamb of God" needed to take on human nature as the sacrificial victim for our sins. What better time to do this than during the darkness of a solar eclipse. I have explained my rationale for the human perceptions of fear, terror, and domination during a solar eclipse. It is hard to say the Roman Empire was not ruled directly thru fear , terror , and domination. It is equally just to equate fear, terror, and domination with the basics of all aspects of governmental rule in modern society. What better astronomical, astrological and weather phenomena could Christ pick for the time when He took on human nature, will, and later sin. The Baptism of Jesus is a dark event. Matthew goes on to explain,

the Spirit of God descending like a dove and lighting on Him. And a voice from heaven said, "This is my Son, whom I love, with him I am well pleased.

One sees in the above painting that Jesus "at once" according to Mark 1:12, Jesus went into the desert to be tempted by Satan. Notice all of Satan's temptation's were against the Godhead of Jesus Christ. Jesus was trying to be human for us and to please His Father.

Contrast the baptism of Jesus with traditional Christian baptism. We are immersed in the Love of Jesus Christ and take on His nature and His righteousness, not by our own power but thru the power of God. We are then redeemed by the blood and sacrifice of Jesus Christ and His crucifixion. And finally we will take part in the Resurrection through the life of Jesus Christ.

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2000 years ago the cross was a Roman symbol of death and terror. Jesus Christ transformed this symbol into a universal sign of God's love, hope and resurrection. Solar eclipse events are recorded in Roman mythology during the conception of Romulus and Remus by the war god Mars and during the foundation of the city of Rome. The solar eclipse to the Romans was a sign from their gods that war was upon the Earth. The solar eclipse symbol of the star/pellet within the crescent on Roman coins and legionary standards was also a sign of their god's approval of Roman domination over conquered lands. Fifteen hundred years later, the "Our Lady of Guadalupe" Icon was presented to the New World as an inverted Roman Legionary Standard. Jesus Christ changed these symbols of Roman domination and slavery into an everlasting sign of God's love and compassion.