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Aztec Apocalypse, the solar eclipse of 1524

Note the above painting showing the arrival of Franciscan missionaries to Tenochtitlan. Hernan Cortez kneels in reverence to the Christian God before the Aztecs to the left. The Christian missionaries came on June 13, 1524. The next month a partial solar eclipse was visible along the western coast.

The Aztecs believed their world would stop with a never-ending solar eclipse. They sacrificed neighboring tribes to keep the sun shining. Is it possible Cortez knew this eclipse was approaching and took advantage of it as Christopher Columbus did with a lunar eclipse? Nevertheless the Aztec world was in ruins. Montezuma was dead. The economy was shattered. Juan Diego was baptized in 1524 and Christianity likely took hold from the despair of the destruction of the Aztec world. Note the near rebellion of the Aztecs in 1531 was the result of the despair inflicted on the Aztecs from the Spanish Conquistadors and not the Christian missionaries.

The Aztec economy was based on slavery and human sacrifice. Not much different than Ancient Rome. By the time of the Roman Empire outright human sacrifice in religion was abolished but the Romans sacrificed human life for pure economic gain and entertainment. Aztec archeology reflects a terrible world for captured tribes. Aztec elite and Roman elite controlled a world where the masses were enslaved for the benefit of a few.

The Aztecs suffered under Spanish occupation. European slavery, disease, and cruelty took on a distinctly Roman nature. The Aztecs were about to revolt against Spain in the same manner the Jewish people revolted against Rome. The next solar eclipse occurred in 1531.

Aztec astronomers would have been aware or heard of this from neighboring tribes. Note this passed directly over the Aztec ancestral homeland. 9 months later the appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe occurred. Please see my previous posts regarding the Aztec interpretation, Roman Queen Solar Crescent Portraits. An often overlooked aspect of Our Lady of Guadalupe is the message to the Spanish and European powers. This also holds true for the appearance of our Lady at Fatima in 1917. Our Lady seems to appear when two aspects of world government change, antisemitism and the reemergence of the hell of ancient Rome.

The Jewish people were expelled from Spain in 1492 with the Inquisition. The warlike aspect of the Roman Empire was transferred to the Ottoman empire with the fall of Constantinople in 1453. The slave economy of ancient Rome swept over the Americas with the Europeans. The Ottomans spread slavery over Africa and the East. The ancient Roman ecomony was still alive and kickin in 1531. As a result of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Aztecs did not rebel en mass. Diseases were cured with the icon. The main message was directed to the Bishop who had direct communication with Spanish royalty. An inverted Roman legion standard would have been understood by the elite in 1531AD. The Bishop was an advocate of respecting the Aztecs as human beings, unlike the Spanish Conquistadors, who were behaving like a Roman Legion. As a direct result of Our Lady of Guadalupe, European societies were formed to view Native Americans as humans instead of an excuse for genocide. Again in 1917, Our Lady of Fatima appeared to children to warn them of the Second World War. Ancient Rome rose again with the former AXIS powers and it began with the genocide of the Judeo-Christian people.

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