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Alterations to the Tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Why

Photo of the Tilma from Mexico City

Alterations of the Image

1. No Crown was present on the original image, it was added and later removed. There is an obvious reason for European Monarchies to associate with the image of Our Lady. Control and domination over populations. As I explained in previous posts, Our Lady clearly associates herself with the suffering humanity of Jesus Christ in the form of trauma, smallpox and mumps. These are the diseases that killed Native American populations.

2. The golden floral lace was added to the original image. One can see yellow paint in multiple areas of the image overlapping key areas of the original image. There has been an effort to explain this as a transparent garment in front of the robe since it does not follow the contour lines of the robe. Examination shows it does not make sense. The floral design has been explained to contain medicinal herbs and "justify" the extensive drug use associated with Native American religions. The leaves almost have an opium poppy configuration. As I have explained in previous posts the "Poppyseed Jewish Revolt" theory likely does not justify any form of drug induced barrier to the worship of the living Judeo-Christian God. The Aztec religion worshiped death. Their sacrificial victims were drugged prior to their hearts being ripped out and thrown down the pyramids.

3. The Crescent is not lunar. Silver paint was added to make the image appear lunar and to configure it to the image portrayed in the Book of Revelation. The crescent is black and so because it is meant to be an inversion of a Roman legionary standard's solar crescent. This website has been dedicated to this premise but it is hard to believe this combination of imagery is anything else. The Roman legionary standard imagery is the exact same as from the time of the life of the Virgin Mary.

4. One sees a staff behind the angel at the base. The silver paint was used to cover it up. The original story of Our Lady of Guadalupe is not complete. We clearly see the Roman Catholic Church today has not been honest with the priest sexual abuse scandals. This is not new and the Fatima prophecies are a modern example. This image is an inverted Roman Legion Standard and European Monarchies knew what it meant at the time. It was changed to prevent the symbolism being known to the general population. Our Lady warned the European powers about the evils of Ancient Rome. The sugar economy and the need for African and Native American slaves to work the plantations was beginning in the 16th century. She told the powers that be what not to do. They ignored her. Slavery for economic gain in the form of sugar and cotton plantations created terrible suffering that our society still is paying for today.

5. Please see the more recent post "War Angel of Guadalupe" to see how the angel was changed. Note how the wings were painted over at the base.

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