War Angel of Guadalupe

The original Image of AD 1548 from the Codex Escalada. Note the skull in place of the angle's face. Mary is also looking straightforward and her chin is up. There may even be a crescent above her head. The crescent above Roman Queens heads on coins is solar as described in previous posts. One can still see an enlarged parotid gland on the left cheek in primary gaze.

Enhanced image.

Artist rendition from the original codex. Note how the face of the angel has been changed.

The entire face of the angel has been altered from an angel of death or war to a "renaissance cherub." The original face went right. The new face goes left. The ghostly wings are seen to the left and right of the skull on the original cutout. Clearly there is the image of a War Standard from Heaven in comparison to Roman coins. Now one can experience Mary in the sense that the children of Fatima must have felt when she showed them the pains of Hell. Mary brings us to the reality and choices of human existence before the judgement of her Son Jesus Christ. We are to choose to practice the love and righteousness of God to our fellow brothers and sisters. The other choice is too terrible to comprehend.

In Roman Catholicism an angel with a skull and wings represents death and war. In the Aztec religion, it represents resurrection from the dead. The revelations from Guadalupe are far from over.

Feathers below the legion standards of Marc Antony.

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2000 years ago the cross was a Roman symbol of death and terror. Jesus Christ transformed this symbol into a universal sign of God's love, hope and resurrection. Solar eclipse events are recorded in Roman mythology during the conception of Romulus and Remus by the war god Mars and during the foundation of the city of Rome. The solar eclipse to the Romans was a sign from their gods that war was upon the Earth. The solar eclipse symbol of the star/pellet within the crescent on Roman coins and legionary standards was also a sign of their god's approval of Roman domination over conquered lands. Fifteen hundred years later, the "Our Lady of Guadalupe" Icon was presented to the New World as an inverted Roman Legionary Standard. Jesus Christ changed these symbols of Roman domination and slavery into an everlasting sign of God's love and compassion.