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Is a New Roman Empire forming?

There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. Jesus Christ, Luke 21:25

This speaks volumes about the current geopolitical climate. The Roman Imperial religion has affected history in many forms over the past 2000 years. Ancient Rome, Byzantium, The Holy Roman Empire( First German Reich), the Ottomans, the Second and Third German Reichs of the First and Second World Wars. It seems like another and perhaps the final incarnation of Rome is arising. Midnight Tuesday February 24 the invasion of the Ukraine was begun and on Tuesday March 1, 2022 the State of the Union Western response was given. Tuesday and March honor the Roman War god Mars.

All evil empires constrain mercy and compassion. These qualities are only given to the emperor and are only to be exercised under the strict authority of the emperor. Jesus Christ gave us the authority to forgive each other's sins and to shown mercy and compassion to our enemy. This does not mean we forget about the law. In fact, to be able to show mercy and compassion means that we are all still under the law and must adhere to it. All evil empires make their leaders and emperors above the law and gods unto to themselves. Love, mercy and compassion will bring down every empire against Jesus Christ.


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