Star of Bethlehem Coin

The same coin issued closer to 11-12 AD. Notice the lower ray of light is symmetric with the others and does not extend to the ground. The Romans placed items on their coins that could easily communicate events to the people. Most astrology is very complex and I doubt any form of secret or cryptic symbolism is at work here. Coins were the best propaganda media of the day. Consequently astrological events can only be interpreted retrospectively and a ruler would not want to appear to be wrong with his interpretation if he made a prediction that did not come to pass. Photo courtesy of Zuzim coins


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2000 years ago the cross was a Roman symbol of death and terror. Jesus Christ transformed this symbol into a universal sign of God's love, hope and resurrection. Solar eclipse events are recorded in Roman mythology during the conception of Romulus and Remus by the war god Mars and during the foundation of the city of Rome. The solar eclipse to the Romans was a sign from their gods that war was upon the Earth. The solar eclipse symbol of the star/pellet within the crescent on Roman coins and legionary standards was also a sign of their god's approval of Roman domination over conquered lands. Fifteen hundred years later, the "Our Lady of Guadalupe" Icon was presented to the New World as an inverted Roman Legionary Standard. Jesus Christ changed these symbols of Roman domination and slavery into an everlasting sign of God's love and compassion.