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Reissue of Antioch coin under Nero 55-56 AD


This coin was reissued in Antioch under Nero with the eclipse symbol replacing the star. Additionally Jupiter on the obverse is replaced with the symbol of the god Tyche or Fortuna. It appears the symbolism being communicated by the government is wishing good luck to the region of Judea. The ram is looking back at the dark events. This may represent the Crucifixion darkness and or the solar eclipses of 29, 49, and 52 AD. This coin was minted a few years after the formation of the early Christian church in Antioch. At the time Paul and Peter had a disagreement as to whether new male believers should undergo circumcision. The past 20 years in Judea had been very difficult for the Jewish people. Corrupt Roman procurators and the schism with Christianity were creating a climate of rebellion in the province. This may have been an early attempt by Nero wishing a blessing from the roman god Fortuna for the region. Note this coin may have been in circulation during the life of the Virgin Mary. Some sources place her assumption before 63 AD. The original image of Our Lady of Guadalupe had a crown similar to Fortuna.

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