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Eclipse of 174 AD, Reign of Marcus Aurelius and son Commodus

eclipse 174.png

This eclipse would have been seen in Antioch. In April of 175, Cassius Governor of Syria declared himself emperor. He was organizing a rebellion against Marcus Aurelius. Cassius was killed by his own centurion before the rebellion started. Marcus Aurelius and Commodus were in Antioch in 175 AD and Carrhae is just to the east of Antioch. Marcus Aurelius reissued the ram coin looking back at the eclipse in Antioch. The Jews of Antioch had supported Cassius and were killed. On his way to Egypt, Aurelius spoke of the Jews in a derogatory manner. The ram coin again served as a warning against future rebellion. Commodus had joint rule with his father Marcus Aurelius in 177 AD. Commodus may have looked at this eclipse as a bad omen for Cassius and a good omen for him.

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