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Meaning of the 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse, the Triumph of the Light of Christ over the Darkne

It usually took the ancient Romans at least a year before symbols of solar eclipses started showing up on their coins. They had to wait and see what the omen meant, whether victory or defeat, gain or loss. Examples on this website show that solar eclipses associated with victories resulted in many coins being minted with stars and crescents versus defeats with very few coins with solar eclipse symbols. Examples include Constantine with many crescents and victories and Marcus Aurelius with very few after the Antonine Plague and the solar eclipse of 164 AD. The Romans would even commemorate solar eclipses in foreign lands which led to victories against their enemies. The Punic Wars are a prime example.

So how will historians view the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse over the United States? Natural disasters? Near war with North Korea? Political strife? From the Roman perspective one must look to the political successor to ancient Rome , the Roman Catholic Church. All solar eclipse events in ancient societies reflected the "rebirth of light." The light of Christ is currently revealing much sadness, grief and evil in the leadership of the Roman Church and the world. The Pennsylvania Grand Jury report of August 14, 2018 detailed terrible reports of sexual abuse on Catholics by their priests. "Ecclesiolatry" is excessive devotion to the institutional aspects of an organized religion, usually over and against the religion's own beliefs or faith. This speaks to the heart of the problem with ancient Rome, idolatry.

It is no coincidence a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Hobbs, New Mexico started crying aromatic olive oil on May 20, 2018. Note this was 9 months after the American solar eclipse. The 1531AD original apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe occurred 9 months after a solar eclipse. All idolatry is a result of slavery. Slavery occurs when one puts something else in the center of their lives other than Jesus Christ. In previous posts I have demonstrated Mary shows the "suffering humanity of Jesus Christ" in the form of an inverted Roman legion standard. Church leadership has a long history of not reporting the true meaning of Marian communications. It appears the final prophecies of Fatima are related to the current situation in the Church.

It is important practicing Catholics realize the current situation with the Roman Church is similiar to the political situation with the Jews and the Herodian Second Temple. Sincere practicing Jews were caught up in a Jewish Civil War with corrupt Roman governors and priests( Jewish priests were appointed by Rome), much like Catholics today with Roman clergy and the world system. Remember the First Jewish Revolt had the unitentional result of sustaining the Roman Empire. The Jews allowed corrupt priests and Temple officials to incorporate the Jewish religion into pagan Rome. The Menorah on the Arch of Titus in Rome has pagan imagery at its base. To make matters worse if the Jewish factions would not have been fighting each other in the walled city of Jerusalem(they burned each others food supply), the city may have not fallen to Titus. Ecclesiolatry brought down the Second Temple. The Jews loved the Herodian Temple more than God or their fellow man.

So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.

Matthew 10:26

The beautiful simple faith in the love of Jesus Christ is our only hope!

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