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The Solar Eclipse in Roman JudeoChristianity

In Jewish tradition, the sun darkened when Adam ate the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. This solar darkness event has been associated with solar eclipses. It is even representative of the "Judgement of God" coming upon Himself for our sake during the crucifixion darkness event. Adam and Eve at some level decided not only that they wanted to be "like gods," but in essence they wanted to "dominate" God. Our first parents walked "with God in the Garden of Eden." We laugh at our own children as they try to dominate us. But it is not cute, and if left unchecked will result in us raising criminals. If pride is the chief of the deadliest sins, then domination is it's root source. This desire was so bad it separated us from the close relationship we had with our Creator.

After eating the fruit, the sun darkened, and Adam's love of God turned into fear of God. Nature instead of being nourishing became filled with terror. These emotions dominated Adam and Eve and they hid from God. Sudden darkness in the middle of the day is recognized universally as a symbol of fear and terror in all ancient cultures. Knowledge of good and evil is like steroids to willpower. Drugs augment our will and deceive us into believing that we can repair our lost relationship with God. Adam and Eve became slaves to sin and self. Living apart from God is the very definition of the ancient Roman Empire. The love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ eventually conquered Rome and restored our relationship with the Living God. A society based on slavery and drug use gave way to science, reason, and the love of truth. Mary became our new "Eve and Mother." She accepted the "Will of God," in bearing the Christ Child. Trying to dominate other people or God appears to be at the root of "sin." Recall John18:23, when the official struck Jesus for answering the high priest in a confident manner. Jesus answered,

If I said something wrong, testify as to what is wrong. But if I spoke the truth, why did you strike me?

The answer is the official wanted to dominate Jesus and was likely afraid of how he would be perceived by the high priest.

A quote from the Prior of a Benedictine Monastery says it all, "In the next life we will see each other as God sees us." No more will we be blinded by our own dominative self will. Imagine being in God's family where "Our Father" never dies or leaves us.

Solar Eclipse represented on the below coin. The cross above is the "star or moon" and the below crescent is solar.

The above coin is a fitting conclusion to this website. Minted by Constantine IX AD 1042-1058 in Byzantium, the front shows Jesus Christ with the Gospels. The reverse has a star on top and a solar crescent on the bottom. The solar eclipse symbol is separated or broken by the phrase,

-+- / IS XC / BASILE / BASIL / -∪-

" Jesus Christ, King of Kings "

Thank you Heavenly Father for sending Your one and only Son Jesus Christ, so that we may forever be "with" You and our loved ones in Heaven. May we in obedience to Your Word be dominated by Your Love and Sacrifice.

Gentle Jesus, Come soon for us, Amen

Above Photo, Pavlos S. Pavlou, Numismatist

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