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Solar eclipse of AD 28/29 in Pro Roman Britain

Southern Britain had Roman client kings whose coinage reflected the Roman Empire. The above coin has Herakles on the obverse and a Roman eagle and snake on the reverse. Note the "pellet in the annulet" on the reverse above the eagle. I believe this is representative of the below solar eclipses, more likely the AD 28. Like Herod Antipas in the Galilee, solar eclipses were signs from the heavens justifying Roman expansion, please see prior posts. The above coin has the name of Epaticcus (20-40 AD). The Atrebatic coinage had previous Roman astronomic symbolism with the comet of Julius Caesar. Note the flames around the ray to the left showing a comet and not a star.

King Tincomarus of the Atrebates, reign 20 BC-7 AD, SEE PRIOR POST

Comet of Julius Caesar from 44 BC, minted in Spain 18 BC

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