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The Damnation of Judas and the Crucifixion Darkness Event

According to Holy Scripture Judas was lost to eternal damnation. He betrayed our Lord Jesus Christ. The reason for this has been left to speculation, however the real reason is more terrible than any of us could ever imagine.

It is likely Judas favored the financial situation in the ministry of Jesus. If Jesus were to die Judas would lose his income. He was the treasurer and was trusted with money distribution for the Apostles. Roman legion standard bearers were also paymasters and trusted with paying soldiers which is a critical position. To be in this position one could easily disrupt the legion thru bribery, withholding just funds, and sow dissent within the legion. In Scripture, Judas is presented with two faults before his betrayal, he loved money and stealing. Loving money is a clear indication Judas loved the exercise of his own willpower over the Will of God. Stealing speaks for itself.

Jesus was very clear that the end point of His ministry was death. Judas did not want Jesus to die. Any organization needs a leader to “bring in the money” and Jesus sacrificing himself to the Romans was not compatible with the "will" of Judas or his pocketbook. If you think of Judas handing Jesus over to the Chief Priests in order to "save" or imprison Him to keep him alive during Passover, then we understand the story much better. Judas allowed Satan to enter into himself because he desired to save Jesus from death. He even kissed Christ. Judas was not that bad according to the world standards and was likely very morally upright in other daily affairs. As treasurer he would have been akin to a Roman legion standard bearer for the group, or "light bearer for the Lord and his Apostles." You now know the other "light bearer" or "Lucifer" who betrayed Our Lord.

Did Judas commit suicide expecting to go to hell? I doubt it. The delusion of not doing the "Will of God" is so terrible Jesus said it would have been better if Judas would have never been born. To be able to comprehend the sin of Judas requires us to realize we are in a very close relationship with Jesus Christ and like all relationships we must acknowledge that failure is possible. To overcome this weakness we must concentrate on the fact that Christ Jesus is King and Savior. We must obey His commandments and be righteous to be saved from damnation. Salvation is by Grace and faith must be justified through works. Judas sought to dominate the Will of God, the original sin.

We know from ancient Jewish writings that the sun "darkened" when Adam ate the fruit. Could it be the Crucifixion Darkness Event was because of Judas betraying Jesus and killing himself. Jesus was victorious on the cross and God was well pleased with Him. Jesus asked His Father to forgive his executioners. I believe God would have sent His Son for anyone person so we could have eternal life with Him. In the presence of the sin of Judas, betrayal and suicide, he would have darkened the sky like He did in the Garden of Eden. This may have served as a warning to the Apostles regarding the fate of Judas.

Why did Judas "sell Jesus" for thirty pieces of silver? In the Old Testament it was the price of a slave. Slaves cannot do their own will. He sold Jesus to the Temple priests to prevent Jesus from dying and fulfilling His ministry. Judas then tries to “buy back” Jesus when he sees they want to put Jesus to death. But the "Will of Jesus" is the "Will of the Father." Nothing can stop the Will of God. The above coin is a shekel of Tyre, the coin used in Temple monatery transactions. The ancients knew the solar eclipse cycles and that the Crucifixion Darkness Event was not a solar eclipse. Still from my prior posts they viewed solar eclipses as being favorable for the protection of the Temple. Could the solar eclipse symbol on the above coin be representative of one of the coins used to betray our Lord. I would rather not know.

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