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Roman Imperial Legion Standard from the Reign of Emperor Tiberius

A re-creation of the Roman Army signaling standard from the time of Emperor Tiberius. The details were taken from period coins of Marc Antony, Augustus and Tiberius. Note ancient warfare was colorful and not monochromatic from the movies. These standards were worshiped but also very functional with the rear having arrows to direct troop movements on the battlefields. The front would provide a rallying point for frontline troops.

Also note legion standard bearers were the paymasters of the legion and highly trusted. The astronomical signs are representative of historic Roman events. The base solar crescent is likely the solar eclipse of 50 BC when Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon River and launched the transition from Republic to Empire. Mars may be the star on the center plaque. Pontius Pilate marched legion standards into Jerusalem with the bust of Emperor Tiberius on them which nearly caused a riot according to Josephus. This may have been done to show support for Tiberius during the purge of Sejanus in AD 30-31. The solar eclipse of AD 29 may have been on this Standard. Pilate would have stationed the Legionary Standards with the crucifixion team outside the western gate on April 3 , 0033 the date he crucified Jesus Christ. This would have been done to inflict terror on Jews coming to Jerusalem for Passover.

Feathers were placed below the crescent as on the below legionary coins of Marc Antony

Marc Antony 31 BC

Marc Antony Legion XX 31 BC


Julius Caesar, note banner below crescent on reverse

It is clear that feathers below a crescent from the time of the Virgin Mary match the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. But why? Guadalupe is the new War Standard of Heaven. Lucifer means "bearer of light." He may have been the Standard bearer of heaven before his rebellion against God. Demons are referred to as Legion in Holy Scripture.

Mary is the new "standard bearer"of heaven. Her "will" is in complete devotion to God and is the new standard we should follow to her son Jesus Christ. The below crescent is black out of God's mercy. Who can stand before God's righteousness? Note Our Lady of Guadalupe has been compared to the Ark of the Covenant. Does Guadalupe have similar functions in war? Similar to the stories of the Ark in the Old Testament? The angel below is wearing red symbolic for war.

Oldest image of Guadalupe from AD 1548

We can and must conquer unrighteousness to worship God thru his only Son Jesus Christ. We must see the suffering image of Jesus and Mary in our fellow human being. By doing this empires will never enslave another human being. Guadalupe came during the "First Reich" or the Holy Roman Emipre while they were enslaving the Africans. She came before the Third Reich at Fatima before Hitler and Stalin tried to enslave the world. When will she come again?

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