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Solar Eclipse and Coronavirus

I try not to comment on current or future events but this solar eclipse deserves special attention. The path takes it over Wuhan, China and bears temporal relation to the start of the coronavirus pandemic with the solar eclipse of December 26, 2019. I am not implying astrological predictions but just looking at the solar eclipse in terms of Judeo-Christian scripture and history. Jesus Christ urged his followers to take note of signs in the sun, moon, and stars.

A goal of this website was to reveal that the Roman civilization was heavily involved in astrology and astronomy. The Romans and Greeks were well aware of spherical Earth dynamics. All stars were planets and the moon was the largest "star" in the sky. They understood the cycles of solar and lunar eclipses and had the ability to predict their occurrences with reasonable accuracy. So why is this important today? With the conversion of the Roman Empire to Judaeo-Christianity much of this history and symbolism was lost. Believe it or not the solar eclipse is the one symbol in nature that ALL world religions share common beliefs. Polytheistic and nature religions universally view the solar eclipse as associated with birth or death. These are appointed times in history by higher powers. The three Abrahamic beliefs share the view of the solar eclipse as judgement times by God.

A solar darkening event was recorded when Adam ate the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (extra biblical Jewish literature). Nineveh repented over a solar eclipse in the time of Jonah. Jesus Christ said the sign of Jonah would be given as a warning of judgement. A solar eclipse was present on November 24, 29 AD when Jesus Christ was baptized for our sake. The crucifixion darkening event (not a traditional solar eclipse) occurred on April 3, 33 AD with God's own judgement on His Son.

The important world event associated with this solar eclipse is the ability of modern medicine to influence life and death on a level never before possible. The development of viral vectors for vaccinations and genetic modifications can change humanity on levels we are not even aware of at the present time. Little did Adam know that there is a tremendous difference between knowledge and understanding. Our understanding became corrupted thru the lens of human willpower. Just because we "can" does not mean we "should" as the old saying goes. A lack of humility and concern for the sanctity of human life will take away the good that modern medicine has brought to humanity. It is a good time to repent and bring the "human will" under the Will of God. The summation of Holy Scripture is righteousness and mercy. As Jesus said , righteousness in loving God and mercy in loving your neighbor as you would treat yourself. The two concepts are inseparable. I wish modern medical research would take heed of these commandments before another worse plague comes upon the world.

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