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Our Lady of Guadalupe and Fatima, The Common Message

What message does the Virgin Mary communicate with these two appearances in history? Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a PhD in theology to understand it. She spoke to a recent convert to Christianity, Juan Diego at Guadalupe and three Shepard children at Fatima. These people shared one aspect in common, simple dedicated human willpower that was relatively free from worldly influence and preconceptions.

Both appearances involve symbols in the heavens , the sun, moon and stars. The main motivator of human willpower is time. Give someone a deadline and you control their willpower. The movements of these heavenly bodies govern our perception of time. As this website demonstrates solar eclipses can be used with remarkable accuracy to date history in an objective manner. The star and crescent on Roman coinage is symbolic for solar eclipses and their meaning in Roman culture.

This website explores these relationships with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. She is on the image of an inverted Roman legion standard. The Roman legions enslaved the world to worship the Roman emperors. Caesar was the son of god. The Roman economy consumed people in the form of slavery for their profit and entertainment. After the fall of ancient Rome , the Holy Roman emperor Charles the V sacked Rome in 1527. He massacred the Swiss Guard and imprisoned the Pope in the tomb of Hadrian. Charles V brought the Papacy under the domination of the "Holy" Roman Empire. On a geopolitical level Charles the V started the transatlantic African slave trade.

Fatima gave warnings to three children on the need for reparation, penance and redemptive suffering. She explained that the evils that plagued humanity during the Roman Empire were about to rise again in the form of Nazism and Stalinism. Governments that worship man as god.

The commonality with all evil world governments is slavery. The human will is enslaved to the desires and machinations of another human being or idol. Romanism, fascism, communism, greed, drug and sexual slavery are the many demons that haunt civilizations. Only the Will of God speaks to the hearts of all humanity. So why does Christianity appear less effective in the face of these evils today?

The strength and salvation of the Christian faith is Redemptive Suffering by the Grace of God. We suffer for others because Jesus Christ and His Mother suffered for us. These are the themes of the Shroud of Turin and our Lady of Guadalupe. Bear in mind Guadalupe shows signs of the diseases of the Aztecs and is a clear message to Charles the V to stop European slavery.

Salvation in Christ is not easy. Magic words and superficial action will not change the human will to conform it to the Will of God. Sacrifice(Old Testament) is the antidote to human willpower, and mercy(New Testament) allows it the grow according to God's willpower. God wills love and righteousness to Himself and others who are made in His Image. We should all remember the words of the Lord Jesus Christ, "the Kingdom of God is within you."

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