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Beware the "Ides of October" New Mexico Solar Eclipse of 10/14/23 Pray for Peace!!!

Sometimes everything just comes together and this is that time. I study solar and lunar symbolism on ancient numismatics from the Judaeo-GrecoRoman Civilizations. My Italian father was originally named after the "legendary victorious Mother of God." Unfortunately he changed the name Marion to Mario corrupting the name to the "legendary victorious Roman god of war." He just should have been like John Wayne. These ancient dieties are represented on ancient numismatics and their currency is fear and terror. Not much has changed in 2000 years. I study the Mother of God and the symbols on ancient numismatics that Mary would have seen, understood and been very familiar with their meanings. Coins are the social media and emojis of the ancient world! I found solar eclipses to be represented on ancient coins by variations of stars within crescents and stars in circles, i.e Macedonian shields and Roman Legion Standards. The evidence abounds on this website. The October 14, 2023 solar eclipse intersects with past, present and future in an ominous way.

This solar eclipse passes over the most important nuclear sites and labs in the modern world. It is occurring when the ancient military season would be concluding. The Romans would sacrifice to Mars during the "Ides of October." We know the Romans viewed the times of solar eclipses as representing birth, major life events(war , conquest) and death. These match the lives of important Roman Emperors and after the solar darkening events around the lives of Romulus and Alexander the Great. The Lord Jesus Christ even chose solar darkening events at critical points in His ministry. So let's look at a coin from ancient history that may be similar to current events.

The above coin is from Roman Carrhae. It was minted in the last days of the Roman occupation before the Persian conquest in AD 241. Note Carrhae was the biblical Hanan in modern day southern Turkey. It was a center of Mesopotamian moon worship of the god "Sin." The Roman emperor Gordian III wearing a radiate sun crown is on the obverse. The reverse has the turreted city god Tyche with a solar crescent above her head. This solar crescent is represented because it is indicative of the moon's greatest power which is to eclipse the sun. This happened in AD 240 a year before the Persian conquest.

Tyche appears to be pleading with the statue Marsyas on the pedestal. This satyer was instrumental in fashioning songs that pleased the GrecoRoman gods and allowed the Romans to conquer the Carthaginians after the Battle of Cannae. We see the same symbolism before the Roman defeat at Carrhae in AD 241. This was one of the last Roman coins produced in the city.

Considering the grave risk of nuclear war between the major powers of this world on October 14, 2023, I will display the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and implore Our Lord to restrain Mars or Apollyon from war. Most Europeans, Russians, and Hispanics are descended in someway from the Ancient Romans. The ancient gods of the Roman Empire are still here and stand in direct and total opposition to Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. Our Lady at Fatima specifically warned humanity with the "Miracle of the Sun" during the Ides of October. She is the Lady of the Sun! You may see an " inverse Passover in the weekend of October 13-15. Friday is the anniversary of the Miracle of the sun. Saturday is the solar eclipse over the "Trinity site." Sunday the 15th is a day of sacrifice to the Roman war god Mars. This all starts exactly 6 months after the ending of the Jewish Passover.

We need to emulate Mary's humility and grace to allow us to be followers of her Holy Son. Jesus Christ has absolute power over the gods of Rome. As Mary consented to the power of God through His Holy Spirit let us ask God to restrain the power of Rome during the Ides of October. The alternative is not good. As one historian said peace to Rome was desolation to others. Pray 🙏


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