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Constantine The Great and Solar Eclipses, the Iconography Revealed......

The Romans clearly understood spherical Earth science. Mechanical devices like the Antikythera computer allowed the ancients to predict solar eclipses with very reasonable accuracy. The reverse of the above coin under Constantine shows star, pellet within crescent and sun above the she wolf and the founding twins of Rome , Romulus and Remus. To understand this coin, astronomy must be understood within the context of the ancients. The stars in the sky were planets and not recognized as suns from distant solar systems. In ancient theology, the moon was the brightest light and star in the sky. The ancients were recognizing the three greatest lights in the sky on the above coin. The moon was on the left, lesser light. The pellet within the crescent was when moon and sun came together in the form of a solar eclipse. The sun is on the far right. It's not star, moon, and sun; but moon, merger(copulation)(eclipse), and sun. This sequence makes sense in showing the she wolf as mother with the moon as mother and sun as father. The merger is consitent with the solar eclipse in foundation events in Roman Imperial Theology.

The solar eclipse events in the founding of ancient Rome were well engrained in the mindset of Constantine. He also recognizes the symbolism of solar eclipse events associated with great leaders like Alexander the Great. Note also the Chi Rho solar event that gave birth to his Christian conversion was in essence a solar darkening event with a message. Birth, main life event , and death, these solar darkening events will continue to influence humanity in theology, religion and culture.


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