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Meaning of a Comet and Solar Eclipse on a Roman Coin, the merging of Divinity and Kingship in the Roman Emperor

Coin of Augustus Caesar showing identification with the comet seen at the funeral of Julius Caesar. By showing this comet on a coin Augustus is claiming divinity as the son of god. Comets therefore have given divinity to the Roman office of Emperor.

Coin of Augustus Caesar showing the star within the crescent. This is symbolic for a solar eclipse. Solar darkening events were grave omens to ancient societies. Leaders born around solar eclipses were viewed as being sent by the "gods" as solutions to the coming events. Solar eclipses at birth, major life events, and death were seen to be on par with the life of Alexander the Great. His life followed this pattern. Romulus and Remus follow this astronomical pattern as well. They were conceived at a solar darkening event, founded Rome with the killing of Remus at a solar darkening event, and King Romulus died or disappeared at solar darkening event. Augustus was born in 63 BC the year of a solar eclipse over the whole Roman Empire. Placing a solar eclipse symbol on a coin is symbolic of royalty and kingship associated with being the Roman Emperor.

So what does a comet and a solar eclipse mean for April 8, 2024. I believe it can be symbolic for the return of the only King who is both Man and God. The Lord Jesus Christ. Come soon.....


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