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Star of Bethlehem Countermark with Christian Graffiti on Shekel of Tyre

This is a Herodian Temple tax coin minted in 26 BC. Tyre was essentially a private mint in which the purity of the silver satisfied the authorities in charge of the religious affairs of ancient Jerusalem. On the obverse is Melkart, the son of Baal. I still have trouble understanding why pagan imagery was on the accepted currency of the Second Temple. Maybe this explains why Jesus flipped the moneychanger's tables in Holy Anger.

Although the contermark with the Star of Bethlehem or even the solar darkening event after the crucifixion is fascinating, there is something previously overlooked on this coin. Note someone put a tear under Melkart's eye.

The ancients understood the Star of Bethlehem was bringing hope to humanity. The gods of the present age are weeping in terror at the signs of the coming Son of the Living God, Jesus the Christ.

Merry Christmas and God Bless!!!

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