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The City of Rome was founded on Fratricide. The Empire of Rome was founded on Deicide.


Emperor Augustus was successful in remaking the Republican gods into his image. Through stealth and subtle changes in public perception, the willpower of Augustus became the willpower of the Roman gods. Rome became an empire where man could become a god by killing his brother and rival. Fear, terror, and domination were the mechanisms by which Rome ruled the world. We see this being repeated today.

This Palm Sunday tells us why Jesus rejected the world view of being a Roman emperor. God became man to serve his brother and not to be worshiped by him. This was the intention of the pre-Hellenistic Jewish nation. While the Greco-Roman world sought deification through violence, Jesus sought to unite people to God through His Humanity. Imagine changing our world by imitating Jesus Christ. Co-redemption is the key to exercising the Authority of God. There is no better example to emulate than the Mother of God. She is the Humanity of Jesus Christ. Christ alone deserves our worship and adoration in union with the God the Father.

Fratricide is the precursor to Deicide and they are one in the same. The Gospels resonate with this symbolism. How we treat others is the method by which we judge ourselves and is how we will be judged by God.


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