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The Devil and The Roman Empire, The Scariest Coin on Earth

The above coin is from Caesarea Paneas and was minted in AD 75. The naked, horned Greek god Pan is shown playing a set of pipes while carrying two shepard staffs. Pan has significant symbolism to the Devil in Judeo-Christian teaching and his cultic center was at Paneas. Note the solar crescent in the upper left and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil to the right. It is a representation of the Garden of Eden with the "sun darkening event," noted in Jewish extra-biblical literature when Adam ate the fruit. To those familiar with Pan mythology remember that Selene (moon goddess personification) allowed Pan to take advantage of her. If Pan is playing the flute to a waxing or waning moon crescent that would have been an insult to the goddess Luna or Selene. The horns up crescents on Luna's crown were always representative of the moon's greatest power, that is to obscure the sun during a solar eclipse. In AD 75 Vespasian's two sons Titus and Domitian were set to inherit the Roman Empire and form the Flavian dynasty. As a result of the Jewish Revolt , Rome replenished it's finances from the wealth of ancient Israel and secured the future prosperity of the Empire. With the solar eclipse of 75 AD emblematic of inheriting Roman kingship, this is a more likely explanation of Pan's approval and the granting of two shepard staffs to Vespasian's sons(Titus and Domitian facing each other) see the below obverse coin. The Devil is shown granting authority to the new Roman Empire after the destruction of Jerusalem.

Note also the crescent is representative of the solar eclipse seen in Rome in AD 75 and is celebrated by the distant mint of Paneas. This is when the Colosseum was being built in Rome with Jewish slaves and the loot from the destroyed Herodian Temple.

In many ways Caesarea Paneas was the Anti-Jerusalem to the world of the first century Jew. Long a pagan cultic center in direct opposition to Judeo-Christian thought, Paneas was at the base of Mount Hermon and is where the Fallen Ones descended to Earth from the Heavens. After the Great Jewish Revolt and the destruction of Jerusalem, many Jewish families and prisoners were taken here to be killed in games or to be auctioned off as slaves. This is where Jesus Christ came with His disciples before His crucifixion to declare victory over the Roman Empire. Christ proclaimed the rock of Paneas (paganism and Peter) would serve as the foundation for His Church. The “gates of Hades “ was a mouth of the Jordan river that flowed from beneath the temples of Pan. These are the gates that would not be able to defend against the redemptive power of Christ.

Modern Israel recaptured Jerusalem and the Temple Mount on June 7, 1967. Three days later the Israeli army destroyed the 2000 year old ancient city of Paneas. Remember the month of June is dedicated to the Roman goddess Juno, the mother of Mars. She was one of the pagan gods worshipped when Hadrian erected the Capolitine triad Temple where Herod's Temple once stood in Jerusalem. Definitely not a coincidence.


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